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 News about Henry Darrow (Manolito)

On Februari 21th 1970,Henry Darrow got a invitation comming to the Netherlands for a tv show.But it cost too much money to paid him.They try it two times. Unfortunately he was not comming to the Netherlands.


Beacuse of private situations I have not put the High Chaparral reunion information 2016 on my website. The next time you will find the next High Chaparral reunion information.

The High Chaparral reunion

20 t/m 23  maart 2015

Register TODAY at 


DVD  The High Chaparral season 2

2.29 The Promised land

2.30  For what we are about to receive

2.31 The Deceivers

2.32 Sea of enemies

2.33 The Stallion

2.34 The Covey

2.35 Ten Little Indians

2.36 The Buffalo Soldiers

2.37 Ebenezer

2.38 Tornado Francis

2.39 Follow your heart

2.40 Shadow on the land

2.41 North to Tucson

2.42 A  way of justice

2.43 No Irish need Aply

2.44 The last hundred miles

2.45 Our lady of Guadalupe

2.46 Surtee

2.47 The Glorie Soldiers

2.48 Stinky Flanagan

2.49 Feather of an eagle

2.50 Once a day in spring

2.51 The lion sleeps

2.52 A Fella named Kilroy

2.53 No Bugles, No Drums

2.54 For the love of Carlos



013.At that time you will read more news about the selling of the second season.The releasedate is januari 29th 2013 Here are the Dutch text and images of box 2 of the High Chaparral.At the Dutch  box the numbers started with 29 and anded with 54.

The selling dvds from the High Chaparral is stopped.There are enough other websites where you can order. here you find the cheapest dvds of the High Chaparral.


PAYMENT ONLY BY BANK ORDER! The wester union option gives problems.So we don't accept  western union payments anymore! onley when you order the dvds by


At the moment there is a chance that  other seasons will be not releassed.So please help us to buy dvds,how more  dvds  are  sold how more chance there is  for   releasing other seasons.The publisher said he will   only release the second season if he have enough custumors that selling the dvds.How more people will buy this dvds, how  more chance he will release the dvds  from the second season.It  doesn't matter wich website you buy the dvds.  or or


Luxe slibcase package  in digipack-box van 7 dvd’s with each 4 episodes


The first season is:

1.Destination Tucson
2.The arrangement
3.The ghost of the Chaparral
4.Best man for the job
5.Shadow on the land
6.Gold is where you leave it
7.A quit day in Tucson
8.The price of revenge
9.Young blood
10.Sudden country
11.Mark of the turtle
12.The assassins
13.A hanging offense
14.The terrorrist
15.The widow of Red Rock
16.Doctor of Dodge
18.The firing wall
19.The kinsman
21.The hairhunter
22.The peacemaker
23.Champion of the western world
24.Ride the savage land
25.Tiger by the tail
26.Bad day for a thirst
27.A joyfull noise
28.Threshold of courage



Song Mark Slade

Bad News:

The actor Ted Markland is passed away at december 18th.I condolences  the family for the loss of their family.

Ted Markland:

He let know that he will not be there at the reunion,because he is ill.So hopefully he will recover soon.


Dvd news in the Netherlands!

It will releassed at  wednesday may 2 2012.After this box with dvds,their will follow more boxes with episodes. This is the publisher


Yesterday I heard ,the dvd publisher will release the High Chaparral at may 2th 2012.That is wonderfull news!Soon you  will know the cost of these dvds.At april  2th there  comming more news  about  the selling of the dvds.

TV  broadcasting the High Chaparral in 1967 -  1971 in the Netherlands.

Saterday october 28th The High Chaparral   at 21:40-22:30 at Ned 1 by the AVRO tv channel.first part of the pilot

Saterday  januari 20th  1968 The High Chaparrall at 21:40 - 22:30 at Ned  1 second part of the pilot

Saterday february 17th 1968 The High Chaparral at 22:45 - 23:35 at Ned 1

Friday march 8th 1968 The High Chaparral at  Ned 1  16:06 till  17:00

Saterday april 13th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1  21:40 till 22:30

Saterday may 11th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1 21:40 till 22:30

Saterday july 6th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1 21:50 till 22:40

Monday july 22th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1 21:30 till 22:20

Saterday august 3th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1 21:50 till 22:40

Monday august 19th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 1 20:45 till 21:35

Monday  october 28th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned   2    21:10 till 22:00

Monday november 25th 1968 The High Chaparral at Ned 2 21:10 till 22:00


Henry Darrow's book.

Reunion news:

Deathline For registering:

The first of september is the deathline for registration .If you want to go,you must do that for that date!

Friday, October 21



9 am - noon: Welcome room for arriving fans and celebrities, meet The High Chaparral cast and crew.Silent auction begins - shop for HC memorabilia, western items and other treasures!

Noon: Break for lunch

Afternoon: Cast Q&A, episodes, special presentations. Bring all your questions, comments, and plan to meet your favorite HC celebrity.

Evening: Sponsor’s Dinner with cast and crew. Thank you to ALL the generous sponsors who help make The High Chaparral Reunion possible.  Without you it would be impossible to bring the Stars, Cast and Crew back to Tucson. Join us for this exclusive dinner with the stars, cast and crew of The High Chaparral. After Dinner: Cowboy Coffee, dessert and episodes

Saturday, October 22


Morning: Reunion at the Ranch. This is the big event, as we gather with the cast and crew of The High Chaparral at the original ranch location set at Old Tucson Studios.

Noon: Lunch at Old Tucson. Private lunch with all The High Chaparral stars and crew. The on-site reunion is always well attended by many who worked on the show, so enjoy getting to spend quality time with the people who were there - you'll be sure to hear lots of back stage stories, get your questions answered, and have a chance to express your appreciation.

Afternoon: Q&A, photos with stars, museum & Old Tucson tour. Old Tucson, voted "Best Western Movie Set" by True West magazine, and listed among five one-of-a-kind Tucson sites by USA Today. Old Tucson Studios features film and television shoots throughout the year and daily Wild West entertainment. Take a trail ride through High Chaparral country, get an old-tyme photo, ride the train, visit a mine, or just browse through the town of Old Tucson.

Evening:Saturday night dinner (optional). After dinner: episodes available in meeting room

Sunday, October 23


Morning: Silent Auction ends – pay and pick up your winnings Morning: Photo and Autograph Session. This session is always a big hit, as we get the time to take pictures with the stars, get auction items autographed, and talk over the weekend.

Noon:On your own for lunch

1:30-4:30: Tucson Tour (optional, ticket required). Many fans enjoy a chance to tour the Tucson area, see sites like San Xavier del Bac (the location for Hacienda Montoya), Saguaro National Park, and shop. Evening: episodes


Linda Christal at Facebook april 28th at 6.00 -6.30 pm.

Reunion news 2011: 

A reminder to everyone the deadline for the special Early Bird Reunion rate of $225 is almost here! 

Please visit and click the 'Register Now!' button, then fill out the online registration form.  Pay through that site, no need to send me paypal or check directly.   If you have any problems with it just let me know, this is a new system but I believe it will make organization a lot easier.

The High Chaparral reunion will be held on october 21,22 and 23 next year.It will be held on the Lodge on the dessert official hotel.It is in the middle of the centre from Tucson.They have a special reunion rates and cost 99 $ .The reservation cost 15 $ and  tax cost totaly 113,92 per night.Don Collier, Rudy Ramos, Ted Markland, Kent and Susan McCray, Bob Shelton - they're all excited to seeing their fans again, can't wait for the big party!

 Finally, I want you to be the first to know Linda Cristal is planning to participate in a panel discussion via phone and is going to provide a personal phone call for the silent auction!  While Linda hasn't ruled out actually attending I'm thrilled she's going to participate with all of us in this way.
David Dortort:

Sunday september 5 2010  the writter and producer  David Dortort is passed away at the age on 93 years.

I condolonces the family .


I 'd like to have contact with High Chaparral fans and to share our memorys on this website in the discussion group.

Your webmaster.

 DVD News:

At 20th may ,the company Kinwelt will making the High Chaparral avaible on dvd.It will be released in English and German.Netherland,when do you make it avaible on dvd? The third season will released in may this year.


Passed Away:

At februari 8,the actor Bob Hoy passed away.He had for a long time lungcancer.My condolonces goes to the family.

Do you know.........

There is a disco in the Netherlands named The High Chaparral!

There is a motel in Australia named The High Chaparral

There is a motorcamping in Luxembourg named The High Chaparral!

There is an hotel named The High Chaparral  in Sweden!

It says how populair this Tv-serie was! When you know some more company's who is named after this tv-serie you can contact me by the form or the chatbox,please! Actors of the High Chaparral:
I have received a letter from Ted markland,Don Collier,Henry Darrow and Rudy Ramos.It was wonderfull to have these letters from them.

Reunion photo's:

In the photo album,you can see the photo,s of the reunion.

The story:

The Cannon family goes to Tucson and stay there.The meaning of this was to have a ranch for his son and his family in the future.But they get problems with the Indians and Don Sebastian.His wife Annalee were killed by the indians.For Blue was it a difficult situation ,because his father was verry hard on him,and get his love from his mother.
John Cannon deceided to talk with Don Sebastian.Buck and John went to Tucson for a few days.The talking with Don Sebastian ended by marriage with Victoria,his daughter.

It was a shock for Blue, to find out he has a new mother.It was a big conflict with his father.So he leaves the ranch. It was his uncle Buck,who get him back,at least with violence.

In the episodes after this, he will accept his mother,but it goes slow.In the third season he has accept his mother and are good friends.In the fourth season,Mark ( Blue )has leaving the High Chaparral forever.

Broadcasting the High Chaparral on tv:


Season 1 in the weekend,and season 2 during the week.But they do change them around sometimes.Monday till friday at 2 p.m. channel 114 and 2 hours later channel 152.Saterday and Sunday at 5.30 channel 114 and 2 hours later channel 152.For people who can receive the channels!


every week thirstday at 12:30 pm on tv2 Chilly and the whole South America at TCM since nobember 2007.And when it is in the Netherlands?


Linda Christal:

Linda Christal has won 2 Emmy awards for her role in the High Chaparral as best actrice.And also 2 golden globes in 1970-171.

Harry Sukman:

He has won a oscar for the song without end from 1961.


On the Ebay page you can find High Chaparral photo's.


There are books of the High Chaparral   on  in  Dutch.


The arrangement:

When the Apache war party starts its charge toward the High Chaparral, the dirt road beside them shows clear tire tread marks from the camera truck

The best man for the job:

Manolito leaves the ranch on a black horse that changes, mid-ride, into his regular brown sorrel, "Macadoo." In later shots of the same ride, the black horse is back, but when Mano dismounts, he's with Macadoo once again.

The price of revenge:

The substitution of a stunt horse is noticeeable here when Blue is thrown during an Apache attack.Befor he falls off, his palomino horse has its another Palomino with a grey mane and tail.The blond one is instantly back,though when Blue gets up.

The Assassins:

Manolito leaves the ranch on a black horse that changes mid-ride,into his regular brown sorrel,Macadoo.In later shots of the same ride, the black horse is back but when Mano dismounts,he,s with Macadoo once again.

Gold is where you find it.

After the Apaches resque Blue,,Buck signs to their leader and says, Vaya con Dios to you too brother",His lips didn't moved .In later shots of the same ride,the black horse is back.But when Mano dismounts he,s with Macadoo once again.

The Kinsman:

When Manolito rides up to the house,Buck is grooming his horse,Rebel.While standing beside the animal's left flank.After a verry brief cut to Mano and back,Buck is suddenly on Rebels right flank, without enough time to have moved there.Dan'wanted poster features high resolution.In the final scene light patterns from  studio reflectors are moving on the sleeve of Blue,s shirt.He,s on horseback in the middle of the dessert and is nowhere near water,shinny metal or anything else that could cause such light reflections.

Ride the savage land:

Mano,s horse is shot and killed by the Apaches.But when we see a shot of the dead animal,its not Mano's horse.Buck was riding((with a distinctive white blaze on its forehead)Apparently Buck's horse was a better playing dead,

The dead soldier is still holding a coin with which Manolito paid him for the horse.But when the camera pulls in close,it becomes apparent that the coin is actualy a blanc disc.

While Buck and Mano are chasing the Apaches,Mano,s mount changes from a horse with a blond mane and tail to one with an all brown mane and tail and back again.

Tiger by the tail:

As Victoria tends to him,the blood stairs on El Tigre's bandages keep changing positions and patterns between shots.

The peacemaker:

In the final battle with the Apaches.Blue and most of the rest of the Chaparral men fire their 6 shooters dozens of times without ever reloading.

When Blue rides in with Moonfire and Kelly,there are footprints visible in the dirt behind them.Several of the prints have distnctive patterned tread from what factual errors:In the final battle with the Apaches,Blue and most of the rest of the Chaparral men fire their 6 shooters dozens of times withhout ever reloading.

A joyful noise:

Ramon's six -gun fires more than a dozen times without ever being reloaded.Henry Darrow's stunt double is very noticeable during the final fight  scene with Ramon.He,s heavier,taller and is wearing a verry bad wig.Manolito is bitten on the right ankle by a rattlesnake. But when Maria is later adjusting his bandage, she doctors his left leg instead.

The Stallion:

While the black stallion prances in the corral, a bridle appears on his head, even though no one's gone near him. 

Blue leaves his regular horse exhausted at the ranch and takes another one in order to pursue the young Apache. But in mid-chase, Blue is suddenly back ois regular horse again

Ten little indians:

  Manolito suffers a peculiar memory lapse in this episode. He's fluent in Apache, yet at first speaks to the children only in Spanish and urges Vaquero to translate. Later, though, he "recovers" well enough to speak to both Geronimo and the childrenin Apache.

 In the opening scenes, the perspiration stains on Blue's shirt disappear between takes. They return a few moments later, only to vanish and reappear several more times in subsequent shots.

Two of the ten orphaned Apache children are found hiding near the house, bringing the total so far to six. But later, after Chodi sends out a signal, two more children come in from the desert, and these are again counted as five and six. But the fifth and sixth of the children were already there - so the new total should have been eight, not six

Follow your heart:
A dark brown moisture stain that forms a stripe down the back of Sam's coat disappears when he enters the church, reappears when he comes out, and vanishes again when he meets Trinidad in the graveyard.

The promised land:

 Mano throws a lasso around part of the burning hay wagon and hauls it away from the building. The camera angle changes as the wagon is pulled out, and from one shot to the next, the flames completely disappear.At the end, we see insert close-ups of several of the pueblo's residents. But they're exactly the same shots we saw near the beginning of the episode: the same people in the exact same positions, shown in the same sequence. The footage is recycled.

During the fiesta, Reno plays his guitar in the canteen. Each time the musical chords change, we should see his left hand shift positions on the neck of the guitar. But though his right hand is vigorously strumming the strings through several chord changes, his left hand never moves.


When the gunman shoots at Mano and Ebenezer from the upstairs window, Mano shoots back and hits him. We see the man fall back away from the window into the room. Yet in the next shot, he somehow reverses directions and falls forward instead, breaking through the glass and falling out onto the roof.

Nort to Tucson:

When Buck and Blue are playing their game on the tree stump, Buck's left hand is down at his side in one shot, then instantly tucked up under his chin in the next.

In the opening sequence, when the stagecoach first overturns, only one wheel is left spinning. In the next shot, as the comancheros ride up to the wreckage, all four wheels are spinning.

John and Manolito are driving the wagon and loudly singing "La Gallina" together. But as they pass closer to the camera, we can see that their lips aren't moving.

The Deceivers:

Victoria's musical jewelry box has magical abilities. It can play its waltz tune ad infinitum without ever running down. In fact, we never see anyone wind it up: it simply plays the waltz endlessly every time the lid is opened.

When Chio is trying to force information from Tina, part of her torn dress covers her left shoulder in the master shot, but in every close-up, her shoulders are bare.

The leather strap around Manolito's neck is sticking prominently up out of his shirt collar in all the over-the-shoulder shots, but it disappears every time the angle reverses to a frontal view.

The Buffalo soldiers:

While he stands outside the saloon holding his beer, Manolito's glass refills itself between shots

For what we are about to receive:
When Perlita opens her door to Manolito, there's a wooden bench just outside that wasn't there in the previous exterior shot of Mano approaching the door. When he leaves, it's gone again.

Our lady of Guadalupe:
When Father Sanchez contemplates tossing his burden over the cliff, the bundle he holds is neatly wrapped. When the shot cuts, however, the blanket wrapped around the statue is abruptly loose and disarrayed.

 Just before the bad guys open fire, Mano is riding a full length ahead of Buck. In the very next shot, they're side by side.Vlak voor de slechterikken begonnen met schieten, reed Mano een heel eind vooruit.Maar in de volgende scène reed hij naast hem.

Sea of enemies:

Blue is struck by a rifle stock and has a bleeding wound on his left temple. A few shots later, though, the wound disappears completely. Several scenes later, it's back again.Graham repeatedly sings a song he says his grandmother taught him: "Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown, What you gonna do when the rent come round?" This was a Vaudeville stage composition written by Andrew B. Sterling and Harry Von Tilzer - in 1905. High Chaparral is set in the 1870s.

Shadow in the wind:

 When he's escorting Victoria back to the ranch, Manolito's shirt collar is completely outside his jacket in all the full shots, but is tucked inside the jacket in close-ups.

Inside the hotel, Manolito is wearing a white shirt. But when he walks outside, he has on his usual yellow-gold one. It turns white again a few shots later.

The last hundred miles:
When John speaks to Cochise, two Apache warriors standing behind him change both their poses and their distance from John every time the camera angle reverses.

The Glorie soldiers:

 When the rurales chase Manolito, he's riding Macadoo, his sorrel horse with the blond mane and tail. But the use of a stunt horse becomes obvious when Mano hides by leaping off into an arroyo and urging his mount to lie down beside him. Suddenly "Macadoo's" coat is a much darker brown and his mane and tail have also turned brown. He becomes a blond sorrel again, though, in the next scene.

Feather of an eagle:

At the end, Sarah leaps onto a horse, jumps the fence and rejoins the waiting Apaches. On the way, in between shots, her long green dress, which has been bunched up beneath her during the fence leap, neatly rearranges itself  and drapes quite prettily over the horse on all sides, even though she hasn't had time to touch it.

When Buck gallops away from Mano and the newly-rescued Sarah, two jet contrails are visible in the sky at the upper left of the screen.

Once a day in spring:

Blue's knife slips and badly cuts his hand. But the next day, there's no sign of the wound or any bandage on his hand.

  During Victoria's conversation with Vaquero in the tent, the red blanket wrapped around her changes positions (up near her ears, then falling off her shoulders, etc.) several times between takes.

Stinky Flanagan:
Apparently, Buck getting thrown off his horse, whose name was Rebel, wasn't in the script. When it happens, a startled Cameron Mitchell shouts at the horse using its real name, Prince. Despite the blooper, the shot wasn't cut. In fact, it happens at least two more times in other episodes of the series.

At the end, the U.S. Cavalry "brand" Blue finds on the mule isn't a brand at all: it's obviously been applied with white paint to make it more visible to the camera. It's also unlikely that it would be so large, or that it would be located on the animal's neck instead of on its rump.

The lion sleeps:

 When Manolito wakes her up, Anita instantly changes positions on the bed between takes. She's lying on her side, but in the very next shot, she is suddenly on her back looking up at him.

A time to laugh,Time to cry:

Manolito rushes into Don Sebastian's study, passing two large, open doors. When the shot cuts, he passes the same doors again.

While he's dinging with Miguel and the banditos,Don Sebastians position on the ground changes repeatedly as the camera angles the most shots.He,s reclining and leaning on the elbow.But in several others he,s sitting upright.

Trail to nevermore:

When Manolito and Victoria jump from the wagon,her hat flies off and falls on the ground.The bandits ride on by,chasing the wagon,after which Mano and Victoria get up and start walking.

She later laments losing her hat when they leaped,which makes no sense.Since the bandits and therefore the urgency had passed,there was no reason not to retrieve her hat before they left ther area.

The legacy:

While Burnett sits in the hotel room in his chair talking to Trice his daughter,A equipment shadow moves across the top of his head.

Only the bad come to Sonora:

Only the Bad Come to Sonora": The number of outlaws in the gang mysteriously increases during one chase scene. For most of the episode, there are only three of them. When they gallop off after Manolito, there are suddenly five. Next scene, there are three again.


 When Buck orders the would-be killers out of the hotel room, his lips don't move in sync with the words he speaks.

A matter of survival:

The doll standing in for Baby Joey is visible in one shot of Victoria carrying the child on horseback. The blanket slips, leaving the doll's stiff neck, plastic head and shock of sticking-straight-up nylon hair all in plain view.

The lion of Sonora:

In the 1870s , poker chipswere made of wood and either branded or painted with denominational values. But the brightly colored chips on General Casados' table in this 

During Don Sebastian's funeral, the single church bell is tolling. But the ringing sound effect continues after the bell itself has stopped moving.